5 amazing Treks around Kasol

Kasol is the center of attraction for tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh, the atmosphere that this place has to offer is incredible and so much fun. There are a lot of amazing places and treks to see around Kasol which makes this place a complete holiday destination. Explore and travel to new places to experience the thrill and adventure in life. The beauty of nature is very vast, go travel.

1. Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga is at an altitude of 3050m, at the very end of Parvati valley, it offers the panoramic view of mountains and open green grassland, small water streams throughout the way to greet you, this place is an idle trekking destination in all aspects, the hot water spring of Khereganga is most popular, bath in hot water relaxes the body and releases stress, there is a temple of lord shiva at top. It is a holy place and adventurous too. The hot water spring in winters, when everything is covered by snow is phenomenal. Camping at such an amazing place, embracing the beauty of mother nature is lovely. Also, guest houses and hotels are also available for accommodation. The best time to visit Kheerganga trek is from May to June and September to October. To reach kheerganga take bus fro Delhi to Barshaini, the road are well connected, the nearest airport is Pantnagar airport and the nearest railway station is Pathankot railway station.

2. Sar pass Trek

Sar pass trek is perched at 13800ft, it is perfect for beginners. The difficulty level of trek is easy to moderate. The beauty of the place is impeccable, diversified terrain with nature’s beauty is eye-catching. Lush green meadows, snow-clad mountains, tiny colorful flowers look amazing. Sar pass trek is in the land of Parvati valley. The starting point of the trek is Kasol, a popular tourist hub. The place is wonderful and has all types of accommodation from Budget hotels to high end and camping is definitely a part of trekking with the majestic landscape. Do not miss the delicious food serving restaurants. Sar pass trek is a perfect mix of thrill and fun. To reach Sar pass trek by road, take a bus from Delhi to Bhuntar, the nearest railway station is Kirtpur, 215km away from Kasol and the nearest airport is Bhuntar airport.

3. Pin Parvati Pass

It is an idle destination for adventure seekers at an altitude of 17,500ft. The beauty of majestic Himalayas is spellbinding, the total distance is 110km. The best time to visit is all around the year, enjoy the beauty but avoid visiting in monsoons due to slippery terrain and difficulty in climbing. The trail passing through the Himalayan national park is very exciting. you will be crossing the Parvati river and others. To reach Pin Parvati Pas the nearest railway station is Chandigarh, the nearest airport is Bhuntar and by road, you have to take a bus from Delhi to Manali.

4. Chalal Village

There are a lot of untouched places, that offer the serene and tranquil atmosphere, perfect to have some good time with nature. It is situated at an altitude of over 5300ft and a 30-minute walk from Kasol will take you Chalal village, the charm of mountain, bewitching beauty of nature, Pine and Oak trees adding to the beauty of the place. Chalal is famous among backpackers and trekkers, soak yourself in the splendid beauty of Himalayas to reach Chalal Village, take a bus from Delhi to kasol and then it is 2km walk from kasol. The best time to visit in summer is from April to June. Being the popular tourist destination one can easily find homestays, hotels and guest houses easily. The place has some great cafes like Shanti cafe, freedom cafe, fusion cafe, Guru cafe, and others, enjoy the lip-smacking food.

5. Tosh village

Tosh is popular for its cannabis plantation, the tranquil atmosphere and raw beauty of the place are amazing. It bounds travelers to spend some more time in the village, the untouched beauty of the place is perfect for trekkers. The lush green meadows and snow-capped mountains hold the beauty of the place and offer a peaceful atmosphere, their local cuisine is very delicious and must try. Interact with locals and experience the local culture. The best time to visit the place is from April to October and November to February.

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